Shares in issue

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Shares in issue

Post by Fudgerella30 »

Been thinking about the number of shares now in issue, and how many are held by long term holders.

JD holds around 10%, we know one ii holds 6%, then there is this site. I would gues most of us on here are long termers, im gussing we hold around 10-15% (please correct me)

Other directors hold and are long termers, i wouldn't be surprised if there are a few others just under the 3% notification level.

So we are fast approaching 40% (at least) of the issued shares in long term holders hands.

That doesn't leave much really on the free market, for daley transactions. Once news starts to flow, you can easily see this moving very quickly, simply because there are few shares on the open market freely available to buy!

Based on supply and demand, once the demand increases (based on news), this could rocket quickly!

Please correct all of this if im mistaken.

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Re: Shares in issue

Post by jimmy_stocks »

Its an interesting question. Like everybody, I was hoping for 1 or 2 more TR-1's. There has been plenty of flipping of the placing shares this past couple of weeks, including the obvious forward selling (how is this practice fair or legal!?) that happened on placing day announcement. Shame LTH's were not able to take part at 4p but you hope there are reasons for this omission, ie perhaps speed of execution and additional expense to name two.

Still, there has been plenty of buying and the price has held well. Who is buying at this massive volume, that is the question. How delayed can TR-1's be from the point of purchase?

JD spoke about wanting the share price to be less liquid. He also spoke about not wanting investment that was going to affect neutrality. It is all a balancing act and I wonder how happy he and the board are on a scale of 1 - 10 as to how the placing has panned out, as it stands now.

In terms of my own holding, I have brought my average down recently, but planning to use these to derisk overall at some point. I'm sure others are in the same boat. I haven't found it enjoyable having all my eggs in one basket this past 6-9 months!

So a long winded answer to your question is I don't know! I'd guess if only 40% was in sticky hands, then 60% was still quite liquid, but that is just an assumption.

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